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CERFAM Communications and Advocacy Strategy – 2020

Author: CERFAM
CERFAM's communication and advocacy strategy provides an overview of the contribution of communication to support the promotion of good practices and innovative solutions for food security and nutrition, to raise awareness and support the creation of strategic and operational partnerships for Zero Hunger.

CERFAM's communications and advocacy strategy is developed to provide a framework to guide communication and advocacy activities related to the interventions facilitated by the Centre in support of governments, governmental and non-governmental institutions, community organizations, and partners from the region and Africa as a whole. It is based on the conviction that to support the objectives of CERFAM's 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, CERFAM must be committed to forward-thinking and strategic communications. As such, it must communicate strategically to increase the visibility and scope of the initiatives that it facilitates by using tools and evidence-based messaging, designed to engage target audiences and partners in order to capitalize on efforts in support of the elimination of hunger and malnutrition. The strategy will contribute to strengthening the identity and positioning of CERFAM.

By implementing the strategy, CERFAM hopes to encourage the implementation of good practices and exchanges, offering access to the best expertise to support developing countries in their pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG2 Zero Hunger, and the elimination of malnutrition. In doing so, the strategy will enable CERFAM to engage strategically with various actors and partners who contribute directly and indirectly to the achievement of its overall mission in the fight against hunger and malnutrition by ensuring synergies and complementarities