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Colombia, Marketing Intervention to Empower Women and to Reduce the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence: Evaluation

The study, titled “Impact of a Marketing Intervention to Empower Women and to Reduce Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Colombia: The Seed Study Survey Report”, was commissioned by WFP’s country office in Colombia to generate programme evidence.

However, the study does not align with WFP’s definition of ‘evaluation’ for three main reasons: 1) the inclusion of WFP programme management in the study team does not align with WFP’s 2016 Evaluation Policy requirement for upholding independence; 2) the study does not frame its analyses around any evaluation criteria; and 3) the application of mixed methods does not uphold WFP’s definition for impact evaluation.

The 2019 WFP Impact Evaluation Strategy requires impact evaluations to identify “outcomes of interest for a target population that can be attributed to a specific programme or a policy through a credible counterfactual”. The SEED Study does not attempt to identify whether the programme had any statistically significant impact on outcomes observed.

This disclaimer is solely for the purposes of clarifying the nature of the SEED Study and does not diminish its value as an important source of descriptive evidence about WFP’s programme.