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Evaluation of Nepal WFP Country Strategic Plan 2019-2023
The evaluation was conducted between April 2022 and February 2023, to inform the design of the next country strategic plan (CSP) in Nepal.

It covers WFP activities implemented from 2019-mid 2022, and examines the relevance of WFP’s strategic positioning, its contribution to outcomes, including on cross-cutting priorities, its efficiency and the factors explaining its performance.

The evaluation concluded that:

  • The CSP was evidence-based; has addressed the needs of most vulnerable populations in Nepal, and was aligned with national priorities, whilst adhering to humanitarian principles and integrating gender and other crosscutting considerations.   WFP’s shift towards a more development and capacity-strengthening-focused role, while maintaining its fundamental humanitarian role, aligned with Nepal’s priority needs and policy direction.
  • CSP activities adapted to changing needs and conditions; helped enhance capacities of national institutions and supported the formulation of relevant policies, legislation and regulatory frameworks, as well as the delivery of basic services. They were implemented efficiently. However, the CSP lacked a strategic vision for integrating crisis response, resilience building and root causess insufficient synergies with partners; inadequate unearmarked funding. Limited take-up by government also hindered optimal results, sustained over time.