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FITTEST Digital Assistance Surge in Ethiopia - 2021
Amid COVID-19, FITTEST DAS expanded cash assistance to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the country’s most vulnerable.

COVID-19 disrupted the world in profound ways, including inflating the price of food in Ethiopia. FITTEST worked hand-in-hand with WFP’s country office multi-functional team to evaluate and contract local financial service providers. This allowed the Country Office to expand its digital cash delivery options when they were most needed. FITTEST also worked with the Government of Ethiopia to expand its Urban Productive Safety Net Programme and increase the purchasing power for 17,460 pregnant and lactating women in 11 cities.

This safety net may be expanded to additional 16 urban areas around the country in the future. With the support of the Ethiopian regional government in the Somali region, FITTEST also assessed 37 sites as part of the second phase for the planned SCOPE registration activities in 2020. Site safety and accessibility were key priorities as well as bolstering local registration teams’ capacity through training. It paid off. Over the course of 15 days:

  • 21,569 beneficiaries were registered
  • Data quality shot up to 98% flanked by astute project monitoring

FITTEST DAS is designed to work with and expand existing programmes, offering robust technology solutions that are context-driven and results-oriented.