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WFP FITTEST: Fast Information Technology and Telecommunications Emergency and Support Team - 2021
WFP FITTEST is your information and communications technology partner, no matter where you are on the emergency preparedness and response cycle.


Humanitarian needs don’t stop when disaster strikes – they accelerate. Preparedness is essential.

Flooding ravages an internally displaced persons camp and communications infrastructure was washed away. How do you assist people in need?

A massive earthquake destroys a region and people need long-term support. How do you quickly begin to address people’s needs and set the stage for a protracted response?

A virus outbreak keeps local communities under lockdown and desperate for food. Are you aware of how technology can help you manage?

The FITTEST added value is a commitment to fast, expert responses in multi-stakeholder, multi-hazard, multi-technology and multi-cultural contexts.

You want to prepare before the next disaster strikes? We’re ready to help you formulate a response plan and implement it in context.

Your communications connectivity went down during a cyclone? We’re on the ground within 48 hours to get you back online and in control.

The affected population needs food assistance – and fast – but you aren’t equipped to register, deduplicate and distribute to beneficiaries? We’ll get you set up and build your team’s expertise at the same time.


FITTEST sets up data connectivity, security telecommunications and digital assistance services while also managing the people and equipment that get the work done.

FITTEST designs customized packages based on your situation and desired outcome. Our service owners continuously interact with you and listen to your feedback during the entire engagement.

FITTEST operates on a cost-recovery basis. Project and Equipment management are crucial elements of every FITTEST operation and are factored into each service package.

FITTEST has helped WFP save lives and change lives for over 20 years by keeping operations running when it’s needed most.