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Food Security Alert – Special Bulletin, Timor-Leste
The Food Security Alert Special Bulletin Timor-Leste highlights the urgent food security challenges that the nation faces as a result of the current El Nino event. It charts the particular risks presented by El Nino in the light of Timor-Leste’s current levels of acute food insecurity and its reliance on rain fed agriculture. It identifies six mitigation actions covering early warning systems, supplementing the national grain reserve, exploring drought resistant crops and more.

Timor-Leste faces the prospect of an extended dry season due to the current El Nino event. This Food Security Bulletin outlines intersecting factors including high levels of acute food insecurity, global rice price surges and a reliance on rain fed agriculture that necessitate urgent mitigation actions to be taken in to avoid widening and deepening acute hunger for an estimated 100,000 Timorese men and women.