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Mali, Resilience Activity in Northern Mali: FAO/WFP joint evaluation
This joint evaluation was commissioned by the WFP Mali Country Office and the FAO Office of Evaluation and covers the DEVCO funded Resilience project in northern Mali (2015-2018). It was carried out in 2018.

The evaluation represented an opportunity for both agencies to document the achievements of the project and its potential to improve the lives of the rural populations in the future, as well as to contribute to the improvement of the implementation of joint activities in the intervention areas and elsewhere. It focused on assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, coherence and coverage of the project.

The evaluation covered the following WFP activities: Food Assistance for Assets and Capacity strengthening.

Key evaluation findings included:

* Effectiveness of the rehabilitation of productive assets and the transfer of appropriate technologies in agriculture and livestock farming;
* Intervention’s guarantee of increased resilience to shocks and climate risks in targeted communities;
* Correlation between the level of WFP/FAO synergy and agencies’ efficiency and effectiveness;
* Relatively low coherence in the planning and insufficient coordination and consultation with stakeholders at the decentralized level;
* Some limitations of the monitoring and procurement systems.

Recommendations from the evaluation focussed on the following domains:

* Completion of the activities undertaken;
* Intervention design;
* Synergies between agencies;
* Coordination and consultation with stakeholders at the decentralized level;
* Activity monitoring;
* Agencies’ flexibility;
* Sustainability and way forward.