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Q1 2022 In-Camp Electronic Voucher Programme in Türkiye Market Price Monitoring (PMM), On-Site Monitoring (OSM) and Protection Report
The food inflation rate reached 70 percent as of March 2022, which led to an increase in the food basket from TRY 189 to TRY 353 (87 percent) in a twelve-month period. WFP provided a total of TRY 1300 additional top-up per family in February and March to prevent further deterioration in the purchasing power.

The annual inflation rate in Q1 2022 is 61 percent as of March 2022, where food inflation rate reached 70 percent. Even though the transfer value was increased from TRY 120 to TRY 150 per person as of January 2022, the adequacy of the assistance decreased from 43 percent in January to 40 percent in March 2022. Given the harsh winter conditions and the lack of employment opportunities, WFP provided TRY 1300 per household in two instalments in February and March 2022.