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South-South Quarterly - December 2022 Edition
Quarterly newsletter to keep WFP colleagues at country, regional and global level up to date with latest developments on South-South cooperation

The quarterly newsletter provides WFP colleagues working at the country, regional and global levels with a regular update on South-South cooperation and provides a vehicle to showcase and share South-South project experiences.  

The following articles are included in this edition:

  • The Rome Based Agencies, JICA, and IFNA explore SSTC collaboration on Home Grown School Feeding as Follow-Up to the Global South-South Development Expo
  • Update: Second PRO-CoE Directors dialogue
  • Takeaways from the SSTC Corporate Survey and the Informal Update with the Executive Board
  • SSTC Unit Holds Corporate Results Framework SSTC Indicator Webinar
  • SSTC News: SSTC Champion Card Series and the South-South Knowledge Platform
  • WFP’s SSTC Efforts Highlighted in the Secretary-General Report on SSTC and Asian Journal of Peacebuilding
  • WFP China CoE Jointly Organizes a Seminar on Post-harvest Loss Management for National Food Security
  • WFP China CoE Jointly Organizes Workshop on Climate Smart Mechanization for Transforming Agriculture
  • Ghana Co-Organizes a Workshop on Smallholder Market Access in Ghana with WFP China CoE
  • WFP Centre of Excellence Brazil Conducts Virtual Exchanges on School Feeding Programmes with Portuguese-Speaking Countries
  • WFP Centre of Excellence Brazil Hosted a Side-Event for 50th Session of the Committee on World Food Security on Virtual Study Visit Support
  • CERFAM’s Participation at the Global South-South Development Expo 2022 Highlighting Leveraging SSTC to Foster Learning and Knowledge Sharing in Africa
  • China-Africa Collaboration to Foster Knowledge Sharing and Good Practice Dissemination to Improve Rice Value Chains
  • Strengthening Cameroon’s Capacity on SSTC Initiatives and Home-Grown School Feeding
  • Building Sustainable, Resilient and Nutritious Agri-food Systems in Ecuador
  • Haiti-Benin Exchange of Best Practices in School Feeding
  • Democratic Republic of Congo Conducted an Exchange Visit to Burundi to Learn about Post-harvest
  • Management and Commercialization Techniques
  • Leveraging India’s Expertise in Millet Mainstreaming in Asia and Africa
  • Cambodian Government Conducts Knowledge Exchange with Thailand to Learn about the School Lunch Programme
  • WFP India Country Office Held a Workshop on Updating the SSTC Strategy (2019-2023)
  • SSTC Unit in PRO with RBB Conducted a South-South Review in Timor-Leste