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Sustaining Relief and Development Responses in Niger

This paper shows how WFP is a key partner and responder in Niger, providing strategic guidance on designing and implementing sustainable food security solutions and at-scale assistance to vulnerable communities.

The operating environment in Niger is becoming increasingly complex, with additional risks arising from political instability.  WFP Niger is proactively implementing key reassurance measures in all programme areas to help WFP reach the most vulnerable people in a way that ensures the necessary safeguards and controls are in place, risks are minimised and resources are targeted to the intended beneficiaries. It means that WFP Niger consults and listens to the people it assists and respects their privacy; that WFP knows who is safely assisted, and who has not received assistance; that WFP can track its in-kind assistance from its source to the hands of the people it serves; and that WFP maintains operational independence in accordance with humanitarian principles.