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Syrian Arab Republic, School Feeding in Emergencies: an evaluation
Findings and recommendations to inform new policies and country strategic plans.

This Evaluation of Emergency School Feeding in Syria from 2014 until 2019 is part of a four-country Evaluation Series on Emergency School Feeding (ESF) commissioned by the WFP School Based Programmes Unit (SBP) and made possible by a multi-year Canadian contribution to WFP.

The series provides accountability to Canada and other donors contributing to WFP ESF in the four countries, as well as to the wider humanitarian community. 

It also promotes learning at the strategic and operational levels, both globally and in country. Findings from the individual country evaluation feed into a synthesis of lessons learned on school feeding in emergencies that is presented in a separate synthesis report. A global literature review, interviews with key global stakeholders on school feeding, and a survey conducted among a wider selection of WFP country offices on school feeding have complemented the evidence from the four countries.