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Ukraine - Food Security Update, June 2016

Ukraine - Food Security Update, June 2016
  • Around 19% of all interviewed households in April – May 2016 were found to be food insecure. The estimated figure of people affected amounts to 1.1 million of which 160,000 IDPs in GCA.
  • Luhansk NGCA (34.4%) and Luhansk BZ (18.2%) remain the most affected areas followed by Donetsk NGCA (18%) and Donetsk GCA (14.8%).
  • Low food consumption levels are more critical among female headed households especially those residing in NGCA. Elderly people are also among those with the poorest food consumption levels.
  • The main income source for almost 56% of the households are social benefits in the form of pensions, unemployment benefits, social payments to children and mother as well as IDPs.
  • Around 25% of interviewed households stated they owe some degree of debt. This is a negative developments with regard to coping strategies applied by households.
  • Most often households (46%) reduce health expenditures. Spent savings, selling of assets and buying food on credit are among the most frequently used coping strategies.
  • Markets remain the main sources of food followed by own households agricultural production. The latest faces serious issues such as very expensive inputs as seeds and fertilizers as well as damaged water supply infrastructure.