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WFP Seasonal Bulletin – Impact Monitoring of Hydrometeorological Hazards January-March 2022

Author: WFP Indonesia
This Bulletin provides a remote sensing analysis from satellite imagery compiled with data from Government partners to monitor the climate situation between January-March 2022. It depicts how the prevailing conditions impact agriculture within this period and provides a near-term perspective, including the rainfall forecast for the next three months (April-June 2022).

From January to March 2022, due to La Niña, rainfall across Indonesia was generally higher than the thirty-year long-term average. Most provinces experienced an increase in rainfall except for three provinces in the western part of Jawa (Banten, DKI Jakarta and Jawa Barat). Although its effects still persist, the La Niña phenomenon is expected to become weaker in the coming months as it has already past its peak. Rainfall is anticipated to decrease between April and June.