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VIDEO: WFP and Palantir partner to tackle Covid-19 and world hunger

The data and technology expert is helping WFP reach vulnerable people more quickly and effectively
, Vincent Matak
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When the going gets tough, WFP gets going. That’s why, when the pandemic shuttered transport lines and threw hundreds of thousands into the desperate clutch of hunger while grappling with the uncertainty over their health and safety, WFP was on the front line, continuing to provide life-saving assistance – no matter the obstacle.

But when every minute could mean the difference between life and death for those facing severe hunger, how does the world’s largest humanitarian organization keep going in the race against time? That’s where WFP turns to the power of data, and private sector partners like Palantir Technologies, to deliver to the last mile. 

Since 2019, WFP’s partnership with Palantir has played an instrumental role in delivering more assistance to more people than ever before. DOTS, a WFP platform built on Palantir’s software, enables staff to swiftly find the information they need to make informed decisions, anticipate problems in advance and find ways to work around them. 

Organizations like Palantir have helped WFP to save enough money to feed an additional 2 million people for a year. Palantir’s software also directly helped WFP safely deliver more than 148,000 cubic metres of life-saving health and humanitarian cargo to 173 countries on behalf of 72 organizations in response to the pandemic.

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