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16 June 2015

WFP Airlifts Children From A Quake-Hit Monastery In Nepal

At the request of the Nepali authorities, WFP helped evacuate 60 children from an earthquake-hit monastery in Lho, a small village at the foot of the Himalayas.

“Since the earthquake struck on 25 April, the trail to the lowlands has been cut off by landslides, and we have not had enough food for the monks and the students. As the monastery, the dormitories and the kitchen buildings have been badly damaged, we are all sleeping under tarpaulins,” the headmaster of the local monastery, Lopen Mygyur, said.

The helicopter made four rotations, bringing relief material to Lho, and taking the children, their caretakers, as well as a sick monk, to Deurali, the district headquarters. Text transcript of this video