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24 June 2022

WFP Warns G7 That Soaring Food and Fuel Prices Will Result in Record Hunger and Millions More Will Face Starvation (For The Media)

The World Food Programme is launching Five Calls to Action to address today’s record-high humanitarian needs as leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US, and UK prepare to meet – ending conflict is high on the agenda.
1. Commit to political solutions to end conflicts now – including the immediate reopening of all Black Sea ports
2. Ensure trade is open to deliver grains, oil and fuel
3. Support and join global and regional initiatives to combat global hunger and food insecurity
4. Fill WFP’s current funding gap to ensure that today’s crises do not multiply or increase the number of people facing hunger around the globe
5. Invest in strategic development solutions that build resilient communities and foster climate actions, social protection, and sustainable food systems, allowing humanitarian and development organisations to change lives over the long term. In this way, we will set the world on a path towards broader stability and peace.
Broadcast quality footage available on request for accredited news organizations, please contact