Sri Lanka - Food Security and Nutrition among the Tuberculosis Infected Patients, August 2014

The Objectives of this study are as follows:

  • To study about the current status of Tuberculosis (TB) in Sri Lanka and the major threats and challenges to household food security due to TB: There is a lack of TB related data in Sri Lanka and this study hopes establish some key data on the current TB situation in Sri Lanka. This study also hopes to assess the major threats and challenges faced by the household of TB patients due to food insecurity.
  • To study the negative impacts on the patients due to socio economic issues and stigmatization of active TB patients: Stigmatization of TB patients is evident in Sri Lanka. This study also aims to assess the impact on these patients due to stigmatisation via household information and background information collected.
  • To study the nutritional status among TB patients and its associations with food security: TB has long been known to affect the nutrition status of its patients. This study hopes to assess how badly TB patients have been affected nutritionally and what the patients current food security status is.
  • To study the possible benefits of supplementary food assistance along with proper TB treatment plans to patients. Speculation suggests that TB active patients undergoing treatment would benefit with food supplementation as nutrition is a major factor affecting treatment success rates. This study hopes to explore the probable benefits of a food supplementation plan.

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