Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Sudan

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This Operation has been modified as per Budget revision 02 (see below).

Extension in time for one year until 31.12.2011. Budget increase for US$47,616,021 under ODOC component, US$9,109,245 under DSC component,

US$3,970,769 under ISC component, resulting in total increase of US$60,696,035. This Special Operation caters for the provision of a safe, reliable and cost efficient air transport service to the humanitarian community in Sudan in 2010. This United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) will be organized and managed by WFP to facilitatethe movement of aid workers providing humanitarian assistance to Sudanese refugees, host populations and IDPs throughout the country. This service has been requested by more than 300 humanitarian agencies and the donor community operating in Sudan.

 Through this operation, WFP will operate 21 aircraft (17 fixed-wing aircraft and 4 MI-8 helicopters) based in Khartoum, Nyala, Fasher, Genina, Juba, Wau, Rumbek, Malakal and Lokichogio to reach 108 locations.

The booking of a nominal fee at US$200 (hub to hub) and $100 (hub to deep field) per passenger has been approved and is expected to contribute up to US$18 Million or 28% of the overall project cost. The remaining 72% of the budget is expected to be raised through donor contributions. The Special Operation is for a duration of twelve months, from January to December 2010.