Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation - Chad

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This operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 4 (see below).

Internal and border conflicts in Chad have caused political instability and insecurity, hindering economic and social recovery since  2003. Chad is ranked 163rdout of 169 in the 2010 human development index, with more than 87 percent of the rural population living below the poverty line. The population is highly vulnerable to shocks and exposed to high risks of food crises and disasters, with 44 percent of rural households facing food insecurity.

Acute and chronic malnutrition exceed the “critical” and “very high” thresholds in most regions. Nearly 320,000 people from the Sudan and the Central African Republic have taken refuge in Chad, while 180,000 people have been internally displaced. Although the displaced Chadians are being integrated into their new communities, no lasting solution for the refugees is in sight owing to the precarious political situation and security in their areas of origin.