Assistance to Vulnerable Groups Including Refugees - Djibouti 200293

About this Operation

Resource Situation

This operation has expired on 30 April 2015.

This budget revision proposes to:extend the current operation for 5 months; introduce a cash intervention for 21,500 refugees at a cost of US$364,672 to:

(i) provide lexibility and choice of food items for refugees; (ii) mitigate the loss of purchasing power related to the sale of the in-kind ration, and (iii) promote gradual market development in Ali Addeh and Holl Holl;

allow the Country Office to finalize the consultation process and write up of the Country Strategy Document, as well as the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment (CFSVA) which, together with the March 2014 Joint Assessment Mission (JAM), the December 2013 Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions, and the November 2013 refugee market and livelihood study, will be the basis for the elaboration of the successor PRRO.

Though the Gross National Income per capita is US$ 1,280, the Djiboutian population of 818,159, with a 2.8 percent annual growth rate continues to experience high incidences of poverty. Djibouti is also disaster prone and has been experiencing less rain for the last five years. The most recent shock being the 2011 Horn of Africa drought that has led to famine  threatening over 12 million lives in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti,  and Uganda. In addition an increased influx of refugees into Djibouti due to the catastrophic conditions and increased incidence of insecurity in Somalia. These shocks continue to place the country in a situation requiring urgent and increased relief and early recovery support.