Assistance to drought-affected populations in Bolivia

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This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 5 (see below).

The proposed Budget Revision to Bolivia emergency operation (EMOP) 200625 “Assistance to  drought and flood-affected populations in Bolivia” seeks to extend the duration of the project until  31st October 2014. 2. The total project budget increases by US$39,472 including ISC. 

A severe drought has struck a large part of Bolivia affecting mainly the El Chaco and South Cone regions. Rainfall deficits of up to 80 percent in the period January to March 2013 produced a vast crop failure averaging 72 percent. The majority of the worst-affected are indigenous subsistence farmers, who will not recover their source of food and income until the next harvest, expected in April-May 2014. In June 2013, the Government declared a national emergency.



Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America: of its 9.5 million population, two thirds overall – 80 percent in rural areas – live below the poverty line. Over the last ten years, stunting in children under 5 has remained at 27 percent nationally and 37 percent in rural areas, exceeding 40 percent in the most food-insecure muni...