Jang Dong Gun Makes Major Donation To WFP Response In Japan

Published on 17 March 2011

SEOUL – Actor Jang Dong Gun, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Ambassador Against Hunger in the Republic of Korea, has shown his solidarity with the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami crisis with a generous donation of 200 million Korean won (about US$180,000) to the WFP relief effort.

Jang Dong Gun’s gift will be used to support to provide specialised logistics support in the delivery of relief items to those who need them the most. .

“It’s almost impossible to comprehend the scale of this tragedy – the loss of life, the destruction, the continued fear of those in the disaster zone,” Jang Dong Gun said. “I urge all my fans to do whatever they can to help those affected in this time of great need. My heart is with the people of Japan.”

Jang Dong Gun’s contribution to WFP’s response was made possible after the Government of Japan requested assistance in the form of WFP’s specialist logistical expertise, particularly in complex disasters.

Jang Dong Gun donated US$100,000 to WFP’s Haiti earthquake operation in 2010. Since his appointment as the WFP’s Republic of Korea Ambassador Against Hunger in 2008, he has been a model advocate for the needs of the hungry poor in Asia and in other parts of the world.

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