Record Aid Package From Japan Helps Feed Hungry Millions in 20 Countries

Published on 11 January 2011

YOKOHAMA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed the largest ever, one-off donation from the Government of Japan, amounting to US$ 196.6 million.  The donation will be used to provide urgently needed food and nutritional assistance to millions of the most vulnerable people in 20 countries in Asia and Africa and will also support logistics operations in eight countries where WFP is working.

“We are extremely grateful for this substantial supplementary aid package and Japan’s continued commitment to promoting human security and peace building,” said Mohamed Saleheen, Director of WFP Japan Relations Office. “This is proof of Japan’s strong leadership in global food and nutrition security.”

The contributions cover countries in Asia such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.  In Africa, it will be used to support food assistance in countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger and Uganda.

The channelling of funds to support food assistance programmes in Afghanistan and Pakistan reflect Japan’s desire to promote peace and stability in the region. Funds will be used to provide food to conflict and disaster-affected people, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups, including malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women. In Pakistan, the donation will be used to provide immediate food assistance as well as recovery support to flood victims.  

The contributions to support programmes in 17 African countries will benefit those most severely affected by conflicts and weather-related shocks such as droughts and floods.

WFP’s logistics operations will also benefit from the donation including those in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the agency is responsible for running the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, which provides critical air transport and cargo services for the humanitarian community.