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Annual Evaluation Report 2016

Annual Evaluation Report 2016

The WFP Office of Evaluation's 2016 Annual Evaluation Report (AER) is the first annual report produced under the Evaluation Policy (2016–2021), which aims to strengthen WFP’s contribution to ending global hunger by making evaluation an integral part of all WFP’s work.

The AER is presented in three parts: drawing from 25 individual evaluations grouped under three key thematic areas –  L3 Emergency Response,  Capacity Development and country-specific evaluations,  Part 1 provides synthesized findings and lessons from Office of Evaluation (OEV) reports and highlights overarching lessons for consideration by senior management.

Part 2 reports on developments in WFP’s evaluation function and performance against the Evaluation Policy outcomes.  

Finally, Part 3 offers an outlook for the evaluation function in relation to current opportunities and challenges, particularly in this major transition period for WFP’s evaluation function and in the context of WFP’s transformative Integrated Road Map.