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Evaluation of Burkina Faso WFP Country Strategic Plan 2019-2023

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The evaluation was conducted between April 2022 and January 2023. It covers all the activities carried out by the WFP in Burkina Faso from January 2018 – July 2022 (including the former Transitional–Interim country strategic plan (CSP) and the CSP itself).

The evaluation aimed at providing evidence to inform the design of the next WFP CSP in Burkina Faso. It examined WFP’s relevance and strategic positioning; contributions to strategic outcomes; implementation efficiency; and the factors explaining performance.

It concluded that:

  • The CSP offered an adaptive vehicle for WFP’s strategy in a highly volatile context, and despite an initially reactive approach , WFP positioned itself as a strong emergency response lead in the country, demonstrating comparative advantages in Emergency Preparedness and Response and in supporting humanitarian access.
  • The crisis and CSP strategic reorientations have reshaped WFP’s partnership with national institutions, though this was not facilitated by poor communication of its strategic shift
  • Despite a humanitarian response at scale, the constant deterioration of the security situation led food insecurity to rise. The negative effects of contextual changes on resilience building achievements raises questions on the validity of these approaches going forward
  • Investments in protection, community engagement and attention to inclusion and gender were appropriate for the context, though  are still to demonstrate their potential. Investments in human resources, though significant, also need further attention to sustain operations in a complex context.