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Evaluation of Sudan WFP Country Strategic Plan 2019-2023
The evaluation was commissioned by the independent Office of Evaluation to provide evidence for accountability and learning to inform the design of the next WFP country strategic plan (CSP) in Sudan. It covers WFP activities implemented between 2017 and 2021.

The evaluation assessed continuity from the previous -programme cycle, the extent to which the CSP introduced strategic shifts and the implications of such shifts for performance and results. It concluded that:

  • The CSP was appropriately aspirational, and its implementation provided an opportunity to learn what might be required to achieve the envisaged strategic shift and embed new ways of working.
  • The country office responded timely and effectively to increasing food insecurity in the country, confirming its leadership role in delivering humanitarian assistance. It adapted well to the volatile country context and its response to COVID-19 was highly appreciated.
  • Its common services were also valued as a means of ensuring efficient and effective emergency response.
  • However, partly because of the need to scale up its humanitarian response, WFP was not entirely successful in making the strategic shift central to the CSP and should consider how best to take on its envisioned role of enabler.