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Integrated Context Analysis - Technical Paper - Jordan

This report provides the technical analysis of the Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) in Jordan. The Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) is an analytical process that contributes to the identification of broad national programmatic strategies, including resilience building, disaster risk reduction, and social protection for the most vulnerable and food insecure populations. 


The ICA is based on principles of historical trend analyses across a number of technical and sectorial disciplines, the findings of which are overlaid to identify areas of overlap. Trend analyses provide an understanding of what has happened in the past and what may (or may not) be changing to act as a proxy for what may occur in the future, and where short, medium, and longer-term programming efforts may be required. It is based on two core factors: trends of food insecurity and main natural shocks (droughts and floods). 


To see the Integrated Context Analysis story map, click here: