Reverse Migration - From Yemen to Somalia

For decades Somalis have been fleeing the conflict inside Somalia, risking their lives on overcrowded boats crossing the Gulf of Aden to find refuge in Yemen. However, the escalating conflict in the neighboring country is reversing the migration trend as Yemeni families continue to arrive in the Somali ports of Bossaso and Berbera, fleeing the violence that has flared up in their country.  So far, over eighteen thousand people from Yemen have arrived in Somalia, the majority of whom are Somalis returning home. WFP is providing humanitarian assistance to Yemeni nationals as well as vulnerable Somalis.



The situation in Somalia has improved since the crisis of 2011, when four million people experienced extreme food insecurity and famine occurred in some regions of the south. 

However, the gradual recovery and gains made are being threatened as below average rains, conflict and trade disruptions combined with limited humanitarian access and resources have left thousands of people in need of lifesaving food and nutrition assistance.

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