Anjuara feeds the bull she bought with a cash grant from WFP. Once grown, she will sell the animal and reinvest the profit to increase and diversify her family’s income in the long term.

Photo: WFP/Masud Al Mamun

Flood Protection Beyond Dams: Building Resilience In Bangladesh

Resilience to natural disasters has many aspects – a home safe from flooding, the knowledge and skills to prepare for and cope with disasters, and the financial security to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of a shock. In Bangladesh, WFP tackles all these issues with a comprehensive programme.


Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. The increased frequency of natural disasters, such as cyclones and floods, lean season crises and drought, is likely to undermine poverty reduction efforts. Coping strategies adopted by the poor like reducing food intake, withdrawing children from school and selling productive assets increases the vulnerability of low-income households and worsens people’s prospects for escaping the poverty cycle.

WFP in Bangladesh


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