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2 October 2015

Mauritania: Reaching Families in Need

You travel through the countryside in southern Mauritania, heading to Kaedi – about 400 kilometres away from the capital, towards the border with Senegal. You have five to six hours to take in the world unfolding around you. The rolling hills. The dunes of sand. The brightly coloured houses dotting the desert. A camel. Not giving a ride but taking one – in the back of a jeep.  The sky. In the bluest shade you can imagine, with big, fluffy clouds gliding across it. 

1 October 2015

Ironing out Deficiencies in Indian School Children

Every school day, Deepak Kumar Patro, who is in grade seven, receives a bowl of rice, soya, eggs and dal provided by the World Food Programme (WFP) as part of its school meals programme.

30 September 2015

10 Things You Should Know About Rugby’s Fight Against Hunger

For Rugby World Cup 2015, fans from all over the world are putting their weight behind a challenge off the pitch: raising awareness and funds for the World Food Programme (WFP)’s school meals and emergency response work around the world.

30 September 2015

10 Facts About Hunger

Here are ten things to know to understand the global food and nutrition situation. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

28 September 2015

In Zimbabwe, Asset Creation Activities Bring Hope

WFP's Food for Asset and Productive Asset Creation programmes are strengthening communities’ resilience to climactic shocks by rehabilitating 114 dams across the country

24 September 2015

Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger

Young people can end hunger in the world. They are aware; they care; and they want to make a difference and now, is the time to do so. 

23 September 2015

Why did millions of people see this image on Peace Day?

The International Day of Peace was on 21 September. Test your knowledge to see why so many companies and people came together for refugees around the world.

Thanks to all who raised their voice for peace!

Climate Change
23 September 2015

WFP Announces Climate Neutrality

The World Food Programme (WFP) is one of ten United Nations (UN) agencies announcing ‘Climate Neutrality’ today. This comprehensive programme has been helping UN organisations take action against climate change by measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their operations.

23 September 2015

Trekking the High Trails into the Himalayas for a World of Zero Hunger

Trekker and the World Food Programme (WFP) officer, Nimdoma Sherpa, climbed to an earthquake-stricken mountain village to raise a flag and awareness of the Global Goal of Zero Hunger.

22 September 2015

AINA Means Life In Madagascar - It Also Means Greater Access To Food

In drought-hit southern Madagascar, funding from the European Union enables the World Food Programme (WFP) and its partners to implement food- and cash-for-assets programmes that are designed to improve people’s access to food. 


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