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Cash and Vouchers
20 July 2015

Making a Difference Through E-Transfer Cards in South Sudan

The World Food Programme (WFP) is taking steps to diversify and improve the way it delivers food assistance in parts of South Sudan where there are functioning markets.

17 July 2015

VoucherChef: Maqluba

Welcome to The World Food Programme's (WFP) new recipe series. Explore the culinary treasures and cooking abilities of refugees who benefit from WFP's Cash And Vouchers, an initiative that allows individuals to buy the food they need to cook their traditional dishes.

ED - E.Cousin
17 July 2015

Achieving Zero Hunger

Achieving Zero Hunger: The World Food Programme (WFP), The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) urge greater investment to end global hunger and poverty.

Schools in Action
16 July 2015

School Meals For Poor Children In Madagascar

In the urban slum areas of Madagascar, the World Food Programme (WFP) school meals programme helps support children to attend school and keep them there, providing them with hope for a better future.

16 July 2015

10 Facts About Hunger In Iran

Here are ten facts that shed light on the food security situation of the Iraqi and Afghan refugees in Iran. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these important facts on Twitter.

16 July 2015

In Palestine, WFP Reaches Out To Food Insecure West Bank Bedouins

Aziz, a West Bank Bedouin from Area C, lives in Um Al-Khayr - once one of the richest nomadic communities in the area. But much like the rest of the 30,000 people living in the area, residents of the village in the south Hebron Hills face major restrictions on movement and construction.

Cash and Vouchers
15 July 2015

WFP and Ecuadorian Newspaper Share Nutritious Recipes with Local Ingredients

The recipes that reach the people of Quito on the back page of the newspaper Últimas Noticias are a contribution from the World Food Programme (WFP), in an effort to improve family diets. Thanks to these colorful publications, with photos, simple but nutritious recipes, and colloquially expressed nutritional advice, the city’s inhabitants learn traditional Ecuadorian recipes which over time had almost been forgotten. On the path to Zero Hunger, improving families’ knowledge of nutrition is a step forward towards a better diet.

Purchase for Progress
15 July 2015

United for a Sustainable Food System

The World Food Programme presented the new priorities of its activities in Cuba during the official launch of its first Country Programme (CP). With emphasis on sustainably and capacity strengthening, this programme sets the guidelines of WFP's collaboration in the island for 2015 to 2018.

15 July 2015

Building Roads and Resilience in Chad

Since December 2013, conflict in Central African Republic has caused 113,000 Chadians in CAR to flee, returning to their home country.  Though it seems like coming home would be easy, most of these people left Chad decades ago, and no longer have a solid support network in their home country.  Returning to fragile and food insecure regions, the returnees were in need of assistance, particularly to make sure that they did not create additional burden for their host communities.  WFP has been providing crucial support to these returnees for the past year through vouchers, which let returnees purchase food in local markets.  Now, WFP is initiating resilience projects for the returnees and vulnerable host communities: providing vouchers to participants in asset-building projects. With support from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), WFP launched a project to rehabilitate the road from the town of Goré, to the returnee sites of Danamadja and Kobiteye in southern Chad.

14 July 2015

A Tale of Two Schools: School Meals in Mali

Korka, in the second grade at Bankass school in Kani Kombole, and Amadou, in the sixth grade in Bandiagara school in Bendiely might live far apart - but they both have one thing in common: WFP school meals have helped to get them into the classroom and keep them there.


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